6 Ways To Get Back Your 6-Pack Abs

6 Ways To Get Back Your 6-Pack Abs

Regardless of what your fitness goals are or if you want to achieve a fit appearance, you will need to work on your abs first and foremost. 

To achieve a six-pack you will need to provide a little bit of motivation and commitment towards the effort. However, the good thing is that you do not need to commit to a rigorous routine in the gym every day.

Making just a few changes to your daily routine and meals can make all of the difference in giving you the results you are working to achieve.

With that, we have 6 methods that will have you with a 6-pack in no time.

1. Implement a Good Amount of Cardio

Also referred to as aerobic exercise, cardio is designed to have your heart rate at a high amount of beats per second. 

When you include cardio in your physical activity regimen you will be able to burn the calories faster and eliminate fat from the areas that are normally difficult to lose it from.

Research has shown how cardio exercise is able to effectively shed pounds around the belly. With this, the abdominals will be able to be more pronounced.

In fact, it has been determined that conducting cardio for at least three days each week has helped shed fat in 17 of 20 men. 

Because of the huge amount of fat loss obtained through cardio, the amount will play a huge role in how fast the fat is burned. 

When you perform your cardio make an effort to put in a minimum of 20 minutes worth of exercise that ranges between light and moderate. 

Some great examples of aerobic exercise include riding a bike, running, swimming, walking, or even engaging in different sports.

2. Work the Abdominals 

The abdomen muscle consists of the rectus abdominis and stretches up and down the abdomen area.

This muscle is what makes a six-pack stand out. However, it also assists in helping the body pass excrement, breathe, and cough.

The other muscles that make up the abdominals include the transverse abdominis and the external and internal obliques. 

When you´re training the abdominals you are guaranteeing that muscle growth will occur, thus producing a nice six-pack. Nevertheless, working only the abdominals will unlikely eliminate excess fat from the abdominal area.

To ensure proper fat burning, it is best to combine an ab workout with a cardio workout and a well-balanced diet to assist in maximizing fat loss.

A few examples of abdominal exercises include bridges, crunches, and planks. These will aid in making the abdominals stronger and intensifying the six-pack look.

3. Boost the Amount of Protein

Boosting the amount of protein you take in will help burn fat and allow you to lose weight faster because the body is metabolizing the protein for a longer amount of time than normal. As the body metabolizes the protein it burns calories in the process, thus decreasing the amount of fat. 

By increasing protein, a person will unlikely add calorie-rich foods because of the fact of feeling full longer, which can also help control the appetite. When you take in protein after a nice workout assists in regenerating and building more muscle.

Along with that, having a protein-rich diet can maintain the muscle´s mass and body's metabolism as an individual loses weight.

Some excellent protein sources include fish and other seafood, nuts, eggs, poultry, legumes, beef, and dairy.

4. Alternating the Exercises

Alternating exercises intensely with very little rest allows you to maintain a high heart rate while burning more fat.

As you alternate the exercises the amount of weight loss can be increased, which will provide you with an effortless way to achieve a six-pack.

While conducting your exercises for 15 minutes and only 3 days you will see a loss of more than 4 pounds in just 3 months of intense training. 

Women who alternate their training two times a week can easily decrease their body fat by more than 7% in 4 months. 

One way to perform your intense workout if you are just starting out is by alternating a sprint with a walk for 30-second intervals.

Besides sprints and walks, you can also incorporate other types such as burpees, jumping jacks, or some mountain climbers.

5. Maintain your Water Intake

Maintaining your water intake is a very important part of maintaining your health and keeping your body clean and regulated.

Water could also increase the amount of metabolism your body generates to burn calories and fat, while you achieve your goal of obtaining a six-pack.

It was shown in research that water was able to eliminate 23% more energy for one hour after a person ate. One study revealed that water was able to suppress hunger, which can assist in weight control. Another review showed adults who were in their mid-40s and took in water prior to meals were able to drop a good amount of weight in just 3 months as opposed to adults who did not take in any water.

The body's requirement for water can differ and is dependent on many things such as the amount of daily activity, the person's age, and overall weight.

Nevertheless, the majority of the studies conducted suggested drinking at least 34 ounces of water every day.

6. Eliminate Processed Foods

The thing with processed foods is that they have an increased amount of sodium, calories, fat, and carbohydrates. Examples include cookies, potato chips, and crackers.

Besides that, processed foods normally have a lower amount of needed nutrients like minerals, protein, vitamins, and fiber.

Swapping these bad food choices with healthy, whole-food choices can easily increase weight loss, decrease overall belly fat, and assist you with achieving the six-pack of your dreams.

The reason is due to the body needing to use an increased amount of energy in order to have whole foods fully digested. This can lead to an increase in metabolism while an increase in calories is burned.

The nourishment obtained from whole foods can maintain a full feeling, which can also suppress cravings to help in losing weight.

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